8.10 : Equality and the fight against gender violence: what future for the music scene?

Bozar / Palais des Beaux-Arts


When it comes to gender inequality, no business sector is beyond reproach. The culture and music industry, vital in sparking social imaginaries and transforming our world, is no exception. Launched in July 2020, the #MusicToo movement has gathered numerous testimonies of sexist and sexual violence in the cultural and festival industries.

Although a large majority of those enrolled in art and music training programmes are women, their access to senior positions and to resources is far inferior to that of men. In addition, gender stereotypes, pay gaps, and harassment are prevalent.

The music industry is mobilising. The Rider.e project is one example: it aims to provide the industry’s ecosystem (production, booking, pubs, security, service providers, etc.) with concrete guidelines and tools to make progress towards equality and combat sexist violence. They use a very pragmatic approach: the main medium for change is a “rider” technical contract for artists that will take these gender-related issues into account.

This panel is presented as part of the Rider.e project, in collaboration with Bi:Pole and ACT RIGHT. Speakers will be invited to introduce and discuss the Rider.e project guidelines and toolbox with the general audience.

With Sarah Bouhatous (Scivias I FR/BE), Cyril Tomas-Cimmino (Bi:Pole I FR), Alexandra Jouclard (avocate I FR), Rokia Bamba (artiste I BE), modération : Souria Cheurfi (Vice Media I BE).

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